These three large frogs are made from three types of Italian marble, Bardillo, Statuario and Portodoro, each weighing about 500 kilogrammes. As each frog can turn around its own vertical axis on the black granite base, a great many combined positions are possible, which expressively suggest many different (humanlike) situations. The monument was commissioned by the C&E Bank, in whose lobby was Utrecht.

A+B+C=D.3 (Three Frogs), marble

Sun-worshipper, Belgian bluestone, H ca 50cm

Zoom-in on “Sun-worshipper”, Belgian bluestone, H ca 50cm

"Cheiron Teaching Asklepios", marble relief 40x50cm

for more information on the theme see Cheiron and Asklepios in page “bronzes”

© Theo van de Vathorst, c/o Beeldrecht, Amstelveen